Who We Are

SpecOil LLC is an independent global commodity trading firm with a focus on Petroleum Products, Renewable Fuels, and Agricultural Products. We source and market our products on a global scale to offer our customers optionality.  By pairing our financial investments in infrastructure with established global sourcing relationships we are able to create end to end solutions that connect buyers and sellers.  

With over 70 years’ experience in the industry, we have a strong understanding of the global commodity markets. We have built an extensive petroleum industry network that includes manufacturing, sales and marketing, distribution, storage and logistics.

We offer our customers a diverse range of business solutions including business development, market analysis, and strategic market planning and reporting.  By understanding our customers’ needs and investing in the required infrastructure to create solutions we are able to add long-standing value to their supply chain. The global commodity market is fluid and ever-changing.  We understand that flexibility and optionality are paramount to success.